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ven, le 18 mai 2007, 14:18

Download  "Cage in a cave" here : I love it, especially the flute :) It sounds so raspish-childish :)


See a new picture there : (small for now, hehe)


Download Hunter's Kiss sheet music :)


I love sharing ;)

dim, le 15 aoû 2004, 21:30


August, 15th 1904

I am currently building a 'lost souls' gallery in the Miscellaneous page. I added a picture in TFTE, from Roberto Espinosa.

And I found some more pics by Symon Chow. I'll scan one from the outburn magazine as well.

lun, le 09 aoû 2004, 18:48
Gallery News : Jasper !!

August, 9th 1904

Hello ! Today I added pictures from Jasper ! They are from the period before the realease of Frustration Plantation and they are also amazing ! I dunno you, but I love to see pictures of Rasputina out of stage, when they're at home or around, working on a cd ! Jasper has also alot of cool live pics, you can go to his site, the link is on the links page ! Thanks to Melly from the LJ community for discovering that ! My new project is to put 'live' pictures, but only some on which Rasputina's not on stage as well. Meaning it would be a fan gallery, I have to find back all the non-professional photographers who took 'em ! If you regognize one of your pic, tell me right away !! Thanks !!

Finally, the lastest project is to find another gratis webspace without advertisement an more space. Something around 100MB. I'll see later !!

Thanks. Bye. Alex

jeu, le 29 juil 2004, 14:02

Yummy ! new picture of rasputina Paule Saviano game me himself !!

See here !